The City of Hemet

Hemet has a solid foundation around the retirement community. However it is also becoming home to significant numbers of younger families who provide services to the senior population or who are simply fleeing the more urbanized areas of Southern California. The economy is based primarily on service to the senior community and ancillary services such as financial institutions and the health care professions.

Since 1923, one of the area’s premiere events has been the annual Ramona Pageant. Based on the novel (“Ramona”) by Helen Hunt Jackson, the pageant brings together the people of Hemet and San Jacinto who stage America’s longest running outdoor drama each spring at the Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre. The Amphitheatre is also the venue of many theatrical events including the Shakespeare Festival, the Courtyard Dinner Theatre Summer series, and the Ramona Bowl Repertory Theatre fall musical. Museums in Hemet include the Hemet Museum, which features agricultural displays, Native American artifacts, railroading relics, and other artifacts showcasing the area’s colorful history; and the KidZone Museum, an interactive children’s museum housing over 20 interactive learning exhibits.

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